Passing Phrase -

Posek Sfataiim

Literally: Spreads (ones) lips
Idiomatically: Verbose / chatterbox

"Posek" comes from the root "Pei-Sin-Kuf" which means to open very wide (Ezekiel 16:25). The phrase can be found as is in Proverbs (13:3) which begins with "Notzer piv shomer nafsho" - he who guards his mouth keeps his lifeÖ Now you can be polite and term the person verbose or go for the gut and use the term chatterer/chatterbox (or big mouth). "Al teSaper lo clum, ki hu posek sfataiim víhaDavar yeFarsem beRabim" - Donít tell him anything since he is a blabbermouth and it will become public knowledge. Notice I didn't even hint at any mother-in-law jokes?

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