Passing Phrase -

L’belei chok

Literally: Without a limit
Idiomatically: A lot; lots; a ton;

In this case, the word "chok" does not mean a law (Genesis 47:26) but rather a measurement as seen in Job 28:26 and similarly in Proverbs 30:8 where it refers to an allotted portion (of bread). The phrase itself can be found in Isaiah (5:14) where it means open without measure. The phrase, though not popular today, can still be found in poetry or in songs as in "Sufa" by Avraham Shlonsky (1900-1973) and Eli Luria. "Acharei hachakira hitrashamti shehaya kan ramaut bli chok" - After the investigation I became of the opinion that there was lots of cheating (going on). I guess here you can actually use the word "chok" with both meanings.

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