Passing Phrase -

Lo Ya’aleh al Ha’daat

Literally: It wouldn’t come up to your mind
Idiomatically: Unthinkable / inconceivable

This is a beloved phrase used by politicians worldwide. It indicates their opposition to anything that would require them to be a bit flexible in their views. The phrase can be found in a slightly different version "V’chei al dateinu altah" in the Talmud (Sota 45b) where it is used pretty much in the same fashion that it is used today. Rabbi David Kimhi (1160–1235) a Medieval rabbi and biblical commentator known as the RaDaK used this phrase exactly as it is today in his commentary on Isaiah (40:21). It is similar though stronger than the phrase "Lo yitachein" – it’s not possible. Its usage? "Lo yaaleh at hadaat she’ha’mosachnik yishaker li bapanim" - It is inconceivable that the mechanic would lie to my face. Yes, and just when did you buy the Brooklyn bridge?

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