Passing Phrase -

Al Piv Yishak Davar

Literally: According to him (his mouth) the “kiss” is arranged
Idiomatically; He in charge - period

Pharaoh tells Joseph (Genesis 41:40), "According to your word shall my people be ruled." The key word here is "yishak" which comes from the root (Nun Shin Kuf) "nashak." Interestingly enough, its normal translation is "to meet," as in lips. Yes, a "Neshika" is a kiss (Genesis 29:11). In many cultures even today, a kiss is a sign of respect. The Midrash Bereishit Rabba explain this as follows: Pharaoh is telling the Egyptians "On his (Joseph's) kiss do your requests stand." In other words if you want something, go to him. Although the phrase is rarely used today you could say when relating to the boss – "Al taase shum davar beli ishuro ki al piv yishak davar." Don’t do anything without his consent he is in charge –period. Similar to my home life ???? …..

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