Passing Phrase -

Chassar Takdim

Literally: Without precedent
Idiomatically: Unprecedented

Unlike other phrases using the word "chasser" ("chassar to'elet," "chassar tachlit" – note that the "e" turns into the "a" sound when it is linked to another word) this one is modern in its etiology. "Chasser" itself is found throughout the Bible, meaning something missing (Genesis 8:3; Psalms 23:1, et al). "Takdim" stems from the root "Kuf-Daled-Mem", or "kedem" meaning something previous (Lamentations 5:21). In its modern combination, it is used both as a legal term, and as the basis of a better headline: "Hatzaad shel Misrad Habriyut chassar takdim" - The step (taken) by the Ministry of Health (is) unprecedented. Of course they were only talking about beginning flu shots a month earlier…

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