Passing Phrase -

Avarnu et Paroh, Naavor Gam et Zeh

Literally: We got through Pharaoh, we will get through this too
Idiomatically: We survived Pharaoh, we can survive this as well

This timely phrase comes from an album written by writer/composer Meir Ariel in 1990. The word "la'avor" comes from the root ayin-bet-resh ע'ב'ר' meaning, among other things, to go over or pass through (Genesis 31:21). But it can also refer to the passage of time as in "Hastav avar," the fall has passed (Song of Songs 2:11).

The idea can also be traced back to a very popular song written by Yechiel Mohar and Moshe Vilensky before the Six Day War in 1967, We Will Survive - "Anachnu Na'avor."

Keep well and safe!

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