Passing Phrase -


Literally: Confusion / Entanglement
Idiomatically: Imbroglio / predicament / knot

This word, which is as colorful as a whole phrase, is taken directly from the Yiddish. The big question is where the Yiddish gets it from. Most say it is borrowed from the Polish "Platac'" pronounced "plantach" meaning to tangle or confuse. Others believe it comes from the Russian "плута́ть" to be lost. In any case when there seems to be no solution it’s the best word to have around.

Taken from today's headlines (or any other day)

הפלונטר הפוליטי נמשך

"Haplonter hapoliti nimshach." The political imbroglio continues.

And continues and continues

BTW it is also the name of Rami Fortas' 1978 first album, of the Disney movie Tangled, and of the game Twister.

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