Passing Phrase -

Chadashot U'netzurot

Literally: New and surprising
Idiomatically: Great/sensational news (often ironic)

The modern word "chadashot" as news is probably familiar to all of us; "netzurot" is less so. It comes from the word "natzur" nun–tzadik–resh נ-צ-רwhich means hidden (Isaiah 65:4) News that is sensational (hidden until now) or a scoop is what makes "great" news. The phrase (Isaiah 48:6) is sometimes used with a bit of irony.

A news feed wanting to get new viewers would promote themselves as:

חדשות ונצורות אשר לא נודעו עד הנה.,

"Chadashot Unetzurot asher lo node'u ad hena." New scoops never known until now.

Yeah, just shut your phone. The most sensible thing you can do.

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