Passing Phrase -

Beli/Lelo Kechol U'serak

Literally: Without blue or rouge
Idiomatically: As it is

Use this phrase when you want to describe something presented clearly without any embellishment. The source is Talmudic (Ketuvot 16b) and refers to how to praise a bride. "Kechol" (blue) refers to blue eyeliner popular even way back then; "serak" may refer to a red color (possibly rouge or hair dye) or may be from the word "lisrok" to comb, meaning a hairstyle. The idea here is to praise her for her natural beauty.

אני מעדיף חדשות ללא כחל ושרק, וללא הטיות של פרשנים.

"Ani ma'adif chadashot lelo kechol userak ulelo hatayot shel parshanim." I prefer the news without any embellishments or the biases of commentators.

And when donkeys fly…

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