Passing Phrase -

Nekudat Mabat

Literally and Idiomatically: Point of view

"Nikud" is a point. In general it could be a spot or location (Genesis 30:32), a period at the end of a sentence ("Nekudah"), a point on paper (Jerusalem Talmud Shabbat 6:4) or vowels under or around Hebrew letters. But in our case, we are referring to something that is not an actual point. The second word "Mabat" means a look – as in taking a look or if looks could kill. The word actually comes from the root N-B-T נ-ב-ט (Isaiah 5:30).

לכל אחד מהצדדים יש נקודת המבט משלו.

"Lechol achad mehatsdadim yesh nekudat mabat meishelo."

Every side has its own point of view.

As an aside, "Nekudat Mabat" is also the Hebrew translation of a short story by Isaac Asimov in 1975, and yes it is called "Point of View."

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