Passing Phrase -

Ish Be'emunato Yichyeh

Literally: A person in his own beliefs should live
Idiomatically: Each person has the right to live according to his beliefs

This phrase is actually a modern twist on one from Habakuk (2:4), "Tsadik be'emunato yichyeh," - A righteous person will live in his faith. Without going into a detailed examination of sources , the general meaning was that a righteous man will live because of his faith. Today we substituted the word "tsaddik" (righteous person) with "Ish" or "man." The double usage of "Ish ish" emphasizes the fact that every different person has the right individually to choose how s/he will believe.

הוא מאמין בעקרון של איש באמונתו יחיה או בקיצור חי ותן לחיות.

"Hu maamin ba'ikaron shel ish be'emunato yichyeh, oh bekitsur chai veten lichyot."

He believes in the principle of each person being allowed to live according to his beliefs, or in short - live and let live."

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