Passing Phrase -

Tahah Al Kankano

Literally: Reflected on his pitcher
Idiomatically: Check out / Size up

The word "taha" תָּהָה means to wonder about or to reflect on (Shabbat 108a). "Kankan" is a jug or pitcher (Baba Metsia 3:8) usually used to hold oil or wine. Why then would you examine a jug and how would that relate to our phrase? The answer also comes from a Talmudic source (Baba Batra 22a) where it refers to someone who takes a jug of wine and carefully smells it to determine to its quality. I'm not saying you should check out a person by sniffing them, but I think you get the point…

בריאיון דיברו עם המועמד וניסו לתהות על קנקנו.

"Bere'ayon dibru im hamuamad venisu letahot al kankano."

In the interview with the candidate they tried to size him up.

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