Passing Phrase -

Nisui Uteiyah / Nesiyah Uteiyah

Literally and Idiomatically: Trial and error

This is a phrase with a debate. Should the word be "nesiyah" or "nisui." "Nisui" means an experiment, as in scientific, while "nesiyah" would be a nonscientific "trial." In any case the word stems from the root nun-samech-hey נ-ס-ה which is a trial or a test. We find the word meaning a trial or test in the Bible referring to Abraham (Genesis 22:1-2) and in other places (Exodus 16:4; Kings I 10:1).

התלמידים השתמשה בניסוי וטעיה לפתירת התרגיל.

"Hatalmidim histamshu benisui uteiyah liftirat hatargil."

The students used trial and error to solve the problem.

I hope it was more successful trial than error, or they would have been there all day.

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