Passing Phrase -

Shamnah Vesaletah

Literally: The oil and fine flour
Idiomatically: The best; the elite; the "who's who"

This is one phrase that many confuse us both with its source and its spelling. The phrase actually comes from the Bible (Leviticus 2:2) and the words "solet" (finely sifted flour) and "shemen" (oil) made up an offering in the Tabernacle and the Temple. Today it is used usually in describing the elite of society.

כל שמנה וסולתה של הקהילה המדעית השתתפו בטקס.

"Kol hahamnah vesaletah shel hakehilla hamadait hishtatfu batekes."

All the who's who in the scientific community participated in the ceremony.

Just know that in the Bible the words are reversed. Some people write "Shamna Vesaleta" with an aleph at the end as if it was in Aramaic. Others actually write it as "Shamnah Vesaletah" as in oil and a salad. Where's the vinegar?

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