Passing Phrase -

Nimtza Barakia Hashevi'i

Literally: In seventh heaven
Idiomatically: Extremely happy

The word "rakia" meaning heaven can be found in Genesis (1:6). Our phrase comes from the Talmud (Chagigah 12:2, Devarim Raba 2) where it discusses the various heavens and concluding that the seventh one is the closest to God. The idea of seven heavens is quite universal can be found in ancient Babylon, in Islam, and even within Hinduism. Describing the feeling of a tennis player who won Wimbledon a reporter wrote:

מאז הניצחון הוא נמצא ברקיע השביעי.

"Me'az hanitzachon hu nimtza barakia hashevi'i." Since the victory he has been in seventh heaven.

Btw, "Seventh Heaven" was an American TV series from about 20 years ago and "Barekia Hashivi'" was also a play by Yaakov Shabtai .

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