Passing Phrase -

Laharog Turki Velanuach

Literally: Kill a Turk and rest
Idiomatically: Take it slow / step by step

Definitely not PC (politically correct). This phrase is actually based on a joke – seriously! There are no traditional sources, so just enjoy it. During the Crimean war a young man was being conscripted into the Russian army. He turned to his mother for advice and she replied “Kill a Turk, rest, and then kill another." "But what if a Turk wants to kill me?” asked the boy. His mother turned in surprise. "Kill you? Nonsense what did you ever do to him?"

אתה לא יכול לקנות רכב לפני שהוצאת רשיון נהיגה! אתה צריך להרוג תורכי ולנוח. "Ata lo yachol linkot rechev lifnei shehosheita reshayon nehiga! Tzarich laharog Turki velanuach." You can't buy a car before you take out a driver's license. You need to take it step by step.

Yes, even in Turkey

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