Passing Phrase -

Pachar Et Ha-etsbaot

Literally: Crack the fingers
Idiomatically: Crack your knuckles

While this is not exactly a popular phrase, I decided to write it after I had to listen to someone do it on a city bus for 5 minutes which seemed like an hour. The Aramaic word "pachar" originally had nothing to do with breaking or cracking (Genesis Raba 23) but rather referred to fingers linked close together. BTW the word most used today in Israel is "knakim" קנאקים . And just in case you were wondering,

אין קשר סיבתי מוכח בין פכירת אצבעות לדלקת המפרק.

"Ain kesher sibati muchach bein prechat etsbaot ledeleket hamifrak."

There is no proven causal link between cracking your knuckles and joint inflammation.

But some people (like me) still get grossed out.

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