Passing Phrase -

Lenatzel et Hazman

Literally: Save (the) time
Idiomatically: To utilize your time wisely / to take advantage of your time

Many of us may be familiar with the first aid organization called "Hatzalah" whose name is taken from the root Nun¬¬¬-Tzadik-Lamed נ'צ'ל' – "natzal" or to save. In the same vein a "matzil" is a lifeguard. But the word can also mean to watch over or put aside (Peah 8:6).

אם הייתי מנצל את הזמן שלי כמו שצריך הייתי מספיק מיליון דברים.

"Im hayiti menatzel et hazman kemo shetzarich hayiti maspik million dvarim"

If I would have used my time wisely, I would have accomplished a million things.

FYI the opposite of our phrase, like in English, is "להרוג את הזמן" – "Laharog et Hazman" to kill time. Funny – in reality it is time that has the last word.

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