Passing Phrase -

Bari Keshor

Literally: Healthy as an ox
Idiomatically: As healthy as a horse

This phrase can be found in almost every language with a bit of a twist regarding the animal. In Yiddish you find געזונט ווי אַן אָקס, "Gazunt ve an ox." A horse or ox is seen as a symbol of strength. The word "bari" בריא stems from the root Bet-Resh-Aleph, ב'ר'א' which means to create (Genesis 1:1). The word healthy or "bri'a" בריאה can be found in the Talmud (Mishnayot Mikvo'ot 8:4). Note that "Misrad Habriut" is our Health Ministry. Our phrase is modern in it usage. The phrase sound mind sound body which is taken from the latin "mens sana in corpore sano" can be translated into Hebrew as "nefesh bri'a beguf bari" נפש בריאה בגוף בריא .

In any case good health to all…

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