Passing Phrase -

Halach Ha'zarzir Etzel Ha'orev

Literally: There goes the starling with the crows
Idiomatically: Birds of a feather flock together

The "zarzir" is known as a common starling which is considered by many to be a pest, and the same goes with crows. The idea here is that a person (or bird) will join a crowd where it feels comfortable. This is considered a negative phrase and actually has a Talmudic connection (Baba Kama 92b). The English phrase can be found in a 1545 work called "The Rescuing of Romish Fox", written by William Turner. Before you ask, this has nothing to do with pirates or the Caribbean. A while ago I saw this headline quote:

פוליטיקאי מושחת עם מערכת מושחתת. לא לחינם הלך הזרזיר אצל העורב.

"Politicai mushchat im ma'arechet mushchetet. Lo lechinam halach ha'zarzir etzel ha'orev."

A corrupt politician within a corrupt system. Not for nothing do birds of a feather flock together.

In case you are wondering, it was a quote from another politician.

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