Passing Phrase -

Lishpoch Ohr

Literally: To spill light
Idiomatically: To shed light / illuminate

A poetic phrase. The word "lishpoch" is based on the root ש'פ'ך shin-pei-chaf, meaning to pour out (usually a liquid) and it can be found quite often in the Bible (Genesis 9:6; Exodus 4:9 etc.). It can also refer to a semi-solid like ashes, as well (Leviticus 14:41). While I could not determine any Biblical or Talmudic use of this expression, this is one which is used today quite a bit - usually by the press:

העדות בבית המשפט שפכה אור על הפרשה.

"Ha'eidut bebeit hamishpat shafcha ohr al haparsha." The testimony in court shed light on the affair.

My dog just sheds hair.

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